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Patriotic Services and Activities

Post Accomplishments : 14 Funerals – Color Guard and Rifle Squad

National Recognition Certificate for Disaster Preparedness

International Recognition of Flag Disposal from the Netherlands

Chartered Boy Scout Troup 4020

Provided Halloween Safety Program

Placed American Legion Signs at major Highways 37 and 62.

Provided for Gifts for Yanks over $2600.00

Reached all Time High 208 members.

Provided Entertainment with fireworks and extended finale.

Provided Community Breakfasts allowing SAL to receive percentage of donations

Created a Benevolent fund for veterans.

Created additional resources for BBS and Scholarship Funding

Added security camera’s for monument and out building

Created avenue for depositing discretionary donations for finance officer and trustee.

Placed Activity Funds in Community Activity chairman’s possession

Provided Bingo for another year; Inventories and proper tracking

Provided Escrow fund for Rental contracts

Added Vestibule to front of building

Provided Flag Pole and planters for Bigelow Cemetery

Successfully executed all community programs; Little Miss Firecracker; Easter egg hunt, Halloween Party, Gift for kids, Safety Village,etc

Provided Community Breakfasts

Nominated Teacher of the Year from Searfoss Elementary School

Flag Programs for schools, churches, and various civic organizations

Received “Best Float” award 2016 Fireman’s Parade

Total Hours donated to the community exceeds 8,655 hours

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